Love SF

I have been living in San Francisco over a decade. I consider it as my second hometown. I enjoy walking along Embarcadero, going hiking at the Golden Gate Park and watching sunset at the Presidio. The hills, the fog and the bay make the city so magnificent. I heard people said, “Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. San Francisco is the second.” I not only enjoy the beauty of the city, but also appreciate the culture diversity. However, I have burden on my heart because some issues the city is facing. People are moving out. I pray for the safety and peace in this land. I pray God’s light shines in San Francisco and drives out darkness in our city. As John 1:5 said, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ”

The paintings in this series are from my walking and hiking sceneries. They show my love and hope for San Francisco. I hope more people turn to God and less people move out.

Watercolor 9”x12”


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