About Artist

Artist’s Statement:

Art is a vehicle conveying my passion, ideas and faith. My purpose of making art is to deliver beauty and peace to the world.    –Marina Wang

Boys and girls joyfully playing under the shadow of a large tree in front of a big house. That was Marina’s first artwork mischievously drawn on the wall of her parents’ living room. At five years old she began to practice Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. Long afterward in high school, her parents enrolled her in an art program, which was designed and taught by professors from Xi’an Academy of Fine Art.

Marina has always been curious about the answer to the question, “What is art?” She decided to pursue a BA in art history and fine art to learn how others tried to answer this question and practice of making art. However, after four years of studying she could not find a satisfying answer. Marina became captivated by the relationship between culture and art and their mutual influence through the ages. Through her MA in Anthropology of Art at the Chinese National Academy of Arts in Beijing, she tried to discover new elements of art from diverse cultures.

Being an artist is not the only dream Marina had. She also wanted to be a teacher. Marina moved to the United State ten years ago studying Art Education at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Now, she is a teaching artist teaches children and adults different kinds of art in the Bay Area. She also designs paintings for people’s home making their interior design more appealing.

Marina’s paintings show the result of her understanding of art, as well as her experimentation and integration of different kinds painting techniques into traditional Chinese brush painting. When asked about what makes her art unique and why she paints, Marina said: “Art is a vehicle conveying my passion, ideas and belief. My purpose of making art is to deliver beauty, joy and peace to the world. “

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